Connect iPhone X

I can charge my iphone x but that’s about it. When I plug it into the usb it gets recognized as a camera? Using kde

I never thought importing pictures from my iphone would be so difficult??

Install the KDEconnect app on your phone. Pair it with the KDEconnect app in KDE ( needs the KDEconnect service in the firewall to be opened ). The phone then will show up in Dolphin. Much easier that USB protocols.

can’t find it for iphone

I’ve used Dukto for iPhone <—> Linux file sharing which works for me. Try that

What about dmesg, udevadm monitor etc? Could be a bug since your using a beta version, maybe a bug report is required?

Is usbmux and libimobiledevice installed?

Assuming that the iPhone is using iOS 13.X, samba connectivity is now another possibility. I’ve used this successfully with an openSUSE samba server (SMB2) via the iPhone Files App (refer to tap on the three-dot icon in the top-right of screen and select ‘Connect to Server’). From there type in the IP address, or Avahi name (eg myserver.local), and follow the prompts given. Outlined in detail here

Once connected, you can select photos and use the share button (square box with arrow) and choose ‘Save to Files’. The mounted samba share should be available to navigate and save to the desired samba share folder.

I use ifuse to access my iphone X

ran dmesg and it was too big of a file to post. Showed iphone as an ethernet device.
How do you file a bug report?

So is usbmuxd installed?

You can report bugs here via openSUSE:Submitting bug reports - openSUSE

yes it shows installed

I don’t have any log in for bugzilla and don’t see anyplace to make an account

See here: Community Account Migration

Ok, set up an account.
Not sure what component this would involve.
And not sure what component my frozen mouse pointer would be either.

Select Leap 15.2 and hardware for both…

OK did both under “other”, hardware didn’t show up as an option.

Can you post the links to your bug reports in the relevant threads, other users who may be affected can track…

Ok. Other than those 2 things everything works great.