Conky Issue

Greetings! This is my first openSUSE post as I am a recent convert to the green geeko - (I have been using other Linux distros for a couple years) - and I’m having a strange conky issue. Attached you will see a .jpg that shows my simple conkyconf (awesome application btw) display and you should notice that the display gets unreadable because the ‘old’ data doesn’t clear before ‘new’ data is displayed. I had the same problem with one of my other ~/.conkyrc 's and just can’t seem to fiqure out how to fix it. I haven’t used KDE since last year (4.4 maybe?) and conky transparency required the feh trick. Is it a KDE issue? simple conky issue?

Has anyone seen this or know of a fix?


What have you set the update interval to? Half a nanosecond? :wink:

lol, i wish it was that simple. it’s @ 1.5sec, but I get the same problem @ 5sec, too.