Configuring tools like Dolphin to remember the password for webdav remote drives

Hi - I’m using OpenSuse 13.2 and used the network folder wizard to connect to my Box account via a WebDav share. All works as expected except that I have to periodically enter the password. I use complex passwords for my accounts and given that I will connect each time I login or have to reboot the system, I was hoping to avoid storing it somewhere locally to copy and paste or have a very painful time typing it in each time. It there a way to have tools such as Dolphin remember the password?


I may have answered my own question but I’m still looking for validation that it is the best solution. Once I configured KWallet, Dolphin started asking me if I wanted to store the password when I entered it. Is this the best and/or most straightforward solution to this issue?


This is fine and normal

Thanks for the confirmation. Can you confirm as well that if a remote webdav share is connected via the network folder wizard, does it appear anywhere in the filesystem as a mounted drive as well or is it only accessible via the GUI tools?

I don’t know

I can tell you my remote connections (all ftp) were added to Dolphin by me and bookmarked. So it’s a simple as a click and I’m in.
Although you can edit directly. I work locally and upload.

You might find it easier if you change the settings in dolphin so the location bar is editable
Then you can type in your remote address
Once logged in you can add it as Bookmark

I do use a webdav connection (openSUSE 13.1 and KDE here, but it worked the sme in earlier versions and should work the samm in 13.2).

When I click on it in Dolphin (left in Places > Network and then in the list), Kwallet asks for it’s password (if not openalread) and the connection is made.

This is a TCP/IP webdav connection (like FTP) and no mount action. Something that you could have checked yourself with the mount statement ;):


If there are only GUI tooles to acces it I do not know, but as GUI tools are only a way to present easy things in a more difficult, graphical way, I assume there maybe CLI tools to acces using the Webdav protocol.

Thanks to all who have replied. Just to wrap up the initial aspect of what I was asking, I have confirmed that once KWallet was configured, Dolphin does offer to remember the password and that now works fine. When I need this, I will use that solution in this use case.

The reason I was asking about whether it also appears in the filesystem anywhere is I’m using keepassx to manage passwords with its database kept in a cloud storage solution. And keepassx doesn’t allow you to access remote databases configured via the network folder wizard. It actually pops up an error saying remote databases are not supported. However, it does work if I manually configure webdav and mount the remote location in the filesystem. Then all works fine.

I think I’ll have to go back to the old fashioned method for the functionality that I want. I was just trying to avoid having to maintain this configuration since the GUI tools manage the actual remote share well.

Thanks again to all who have commented.