Configure tomcat in opensuse 11.0

someone can tell me how to configure the tomcat6 in opensuse 11.0, I appreciate your help.

Thank you!


Install or configure? Configuration is the same as documented by the tomcat project except that you edit the config files in /etc/tomcat.

I need to configure de tomcat6…because when i restart the machine the tomcat6 is disable. i need that tomcat6 run when i turn on or restart my PC.


Go to YaST and configure the service to start at boot time. I think it’s under services.

Ok thanks for help, i am noob in linux.

But i have other problem:

  • I have a online page on my server (for example: and i dont connect to the page through the other PC on the same network. It will be a problem of permissions?

Can you help me?


Well if you haven’t started the service then obviously nobody can connect to it.

the service is run…but nobody can to access the page. i dont know why!
Thanks for your time.


If you have the SuSE firewall running you have to allow port 8080 through. Also try to access it locally to prove that the service is running.


and also look for it in the output of “netstat -at”, there should be something listening on *:8080. Otherwise the service is not running.

the service is running…
My problem was my firewall, it blocks de external IPs. I created a rule in firewalls exception. Problem solve.
Thanks for your help!