./configure not working

Maybe it’s just the program i downloaded and maybe something’s missing, but when I run ./configure I get the error:

./configure: line 4: ruby: command not found

it told me to try cnf configure and it says no such file
Is this me, suse or the program I downloaded? Something’s wrong here… Maybe ruby needs installed?

Is there a configure file in the directory that you are in when you issue the ./configure command? Or try ls -l, and see what file is executeable and try that. Sometimes a programmer will use a file named ‘config’ or ‘cnf’ instead of ‘configure’. The ‘./configure’ is the same as using the command ‘source configure’.

EDIT: I may have misread your question. It could be the configure script error is saying the program ‘ruby’ is not found. Is ruby installed on your system?

Never mind… my own mistakes… new installation with to many files missing… working now. :wink: