Configure email client to connect to MS Exchage Server

Hi, I am using Suse 10.3 and want to configure an email client [kmail or anyother] to connect to MS Exchange Server so that I could access my email the same way i do it on Windows using Outlook. Has someone done this before?

Try evolution. Its the only client that I know of that will connect to exchange. It actually uses Outlook Web Access so your exchange server needs to have that feature available. It will also do your calendaring. Its not too shabby.

I heard about Novell’s evolution. But when i went to Novell’s site, its comes packaged with Linux Enterprise Desktop Server. The file size is 4.1 GB. email client can’t be in GB. Can you point me to the right download source?

Ok. I found one now at Evolution: Download. I hope this is the right one.

I am using kde. I found evolution on but its for GNOME. would this work on kde as well? I am afraid that the one i sent the link for is also for GNOME. I need for KDE. Any Pointers?

it also depends on your version of exchange. we run exchange 2007 sp1 and believe me it is impossible to connect to that currently. there are alpha packages under way to make it work but mickeysoft changed the entire protocol and evolution cannot connect anymore.

alternative for me is using IE6 with wine and use the full featured OWA which is just as good as the app outlook imho or run “brutus” as a service on your M$ network which sits between exchange and your mailclient of choice and translates the windows api to something it can work with.


On Fri, 2008-06-20 at 19:56 +0000, garg anoop wrote:
> I am using kde. I found evolution on but its for GNOME.
> would this work on kde as well? I am afraid that the one i sent the
> link for is also for GNOME. I need for KDE. Any Pointers?

Evolution works fine under KDE… not a problem. You can use
Gnome apps in KDE and KDE apps in Gnome.

However, the last version of Evolution from openSUSE that could
correctly connect to Exchange was the one with openSUSE 10.2…
and the placement/dependencies radically changed in 10.3, so
you can’t simply install that on your 10.3 box (sorry).

I used Evolution on a 10.2 box currently against our Exchange

****. I was really looking forward to 2.22 as being the version that fixes exchange connectivity.

I have always used Evolution to connect to the MS exchange server that work runs. This worked fine on openSuSE 10.3 but doesn’t work on 11.0 :frowning:
For me Evolution 2.12 works, but 2.22 does not.

Does anyone know how to “downgrade” openSuSE 11.0 to Evolution 2.12? It only seems to have rpms for 2.22 and if I try to use ones for openSuSE 10.3 then there are a number of library version issues (e.g. libcamel, libldap, liblber).

Might be worth taking a shot with the unstable 2.23?
I didn’t see any built rpm’s to install in a quick search, but I think I might try it later today.

Yes, I’ve just upgraded from Evolution 2.12 where I could pull mail from a MS Exchange server w/no problem. The 2.22 version that came with openSuse 11.0 does not work. I’ve tried the same settings, (domain\ltorvalds, that worked with 2.12, but w/no success with the current Evolution Exchange. I’ve even upgraded to the most current stable Evolution Exchange version, with no luck.

Luckily, I did not upgrade my work machine to openSuse 11.0. I may pull my laptop back to 10.3 if a patch is not released soon.

Does any one have any other options for pulling email from MS Exchange into a Linux mail client?

portsample schrieb:
> Does any one have any other options for pulling email from MS Exchange
> into a Linux mail client?

Activate the IMAP service on the Exchange server if you can.


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I can’t connect to the exchange server with Evolution 2.22/ OS11. Used URL/ username is correct, because I can login via web.

Could not configure Exchange account because 
an unknown error occurred. Check the URL, 
username, and password, and try again.

There is a bug report on bugzilla from 2007 which does not seem to be solved yet.

Anybody got this working?

Well, if it is just email, I don’t know why you can’t use whatever you want. I currently attend a university that uses exchange, and I can pull email down to my laptop easily, and send it easily when I am inside the university’s network.

I had the same experience when I was teaching in a large public school for two years before returning to school.

The problem I had was setting up calendaring, etc.–the extra stuff. Maybe I am misunderstanding the problem, but when it comes to just pulling mail down and sending, I don’t have any problems using kmail. (I think most clients could handle it)

Anyone has a working solution for 11?

I can’t use Pop/IMAP etc and I don’t administer the servers.

It doesn’t matter what I do, i keep getting this “Unknown error, please check URL” even though the browser works etc…

Must be a bug. Can anyone please let me know how to go about installing unstable branch? Many thanks.

There is an exchange mapi add in for Evolution from jjohnny available in the community repositories. I’ve been keeping an eye on is and its getting closer to working for Exchange 2007 servers.

Looks like all the repos for this Evolution mapi-provider have been wiped as of 25 Sep 08.

Wonder what happened. I hope they didn’t take the project commercial! Wouldn’t be surprised if they did though. Last I was using it, it was connecting to my exchange server fairly well. A large contacts folder would give it problems and it hangs Evolution. Hope someone has some news about this project.