Configuration of proxy in YaST issues


Here’s newbie.
To access internet, I need to pass through an auto config script.

I configure Konqueror and Firefox with the script and it works well.

In YaST, I used Network Services and Proxy.
I fill the window with Activate proxy and put the address of the script in the fields.
The address is : http://myproxy.domain/proxy/proxy.pac

When I use the button Test Proxy parameters it doesn’t work. The error message is :
*’<url> malformed
curl: (3) <url> malformed

  • About to connect() to proxy myproxy.domain port 1080 (#0)
  • Trying XX.XX.XX.XX… connexion refused
  • Trying XX.XX.XX.YY… connexion refused
  • couldn’t connect to host
  • closing connection #0
    curl: (7) couldn’t connect to host*

I check the /etc/sysconfig/proxy file : it is correct.

for some reason, Yast configuration does not writes everything.
2 soluions, one easier but bad because of yast bug, and one handwork.

Setup proxy in Yast, Finish, then reopen and put user/pass, and now you may “test” connection as much as you please.
*** BUG: sometimes yast “forgets” password.

Open /etc/sysconfig/proxy and set proxies yourself, in manner:


***BUG: resetting network doesnt pick up the values. Reboot is needed.

Thanks for your help.
Everything works well now.