Configuration files of panels in Plasma 5

Hi all !

Sorry if i post in the wrong thread.

I’m under Opensuse LEAP 42.1 with KDE Plasma 5, and I would like to know if there are some files which do save the widgets panel configuration, so if by mistake one does delete the panel, he can recover it without having to configure a brand new one.
And if these files exist, where can I find them ?

Thanks in advance

~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc contains the complete Plasma widget setup, i.e. the panels and desktops.

OTOH, if you delete a panel or widget, you should actually get a popup allowing you to undo the change.

And you can always add a default panel by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing “Add Panel”, of course you will lose manual changes then but you won’t have to start from scratch completely.

@wolfi323, that’s exactly what I was looking for !

I imagine that I can save this file on an external device, and if I want to restore my panel I just have to copy the file in the right directory.

Many thanks !

It is no bad idea to make regular backups of all your files in your home directory (or elsewhere). Then this file will be part of it.


yes you’re right indeed.

Thanks for the tip !

In addition, you can make a copy plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrcbak in the same directory and just copy it back overtop when you “Oops!” Just make certain that you make a fresh bak when you make some changes.:wink:

And if one would use btrfs on the /home filesystem and enable snapshots for that, one could see all changes to files in YaST->Snapper and/or revert them… :wink:

Not that I would endorse that, just wanted to mention it.
I’m not doing it myself.

But I do think it is a great feature for people that want it. :wink: