config an ip address that cant be found

i have an opnesue 13.1 i see in yast lan the correct ip address i even the cli and i see the correct Ip address not what blow my mind i cant seem to find find a hidden ip address it associated with system there if i unplugged the network cable it stop ping to the ip that i cat find but i find no where that this ip exist i check under /etc/sysconfig/network… nothing there either is there something i am missing is there another location where it store the ip address

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Have you checked the /etc/hosts file? If not look at using fgrep to locate…

For example;

cd /etc
fgrep -r "" *

Maybe lookup “Avahi” on Wikipedia or a web search. Or look up “Zero-configuration networking”. I think it assigns an IP address of the form 169.254.x.y.

I’m guessing that’s what you are looking at.

Zeroconfig Link-local addressing would only apply if avahi-autopid was in use?

Its’ not clear as to what IP addressing is being queried here. I’m also speculating that NetworkManager may be active perhaps?

I hope the OP realises that openSUSE 13.1 is EOL…

First, would probably be helpful to know what cli command was run to view configured ip addresses.

Possibility 1
As noted, if NM is used to manage networking, then any IP addresses configured in YaST would be ineffectual.

Possibility 2
When you’re talking about IPv4 addressing, besides the configured address, there are also two other addresses that are rarely used and relate to the NetworkID and subnet mask of your IP address… One will be the broadcast address which sends to every host on the network and the other would be the “Send only to myself” address, which is similar in effect but not the same as sending to 127.x.y.z

Especially since this is a machine so far past EOL, if the machine is “owned” malware could reasonably use the second possibility to establish connections to other machines in the LAN without doing any scanning… or possibly respond to another machine that is “owned” in the LAN.


what i notice was under etc there was a file label hosts.YaSTsave with the ip address that i am looking for i reboot the server and still there is 3 ip address on that server the external one that i assigned the internal one that i assigned and external one form the past server can i reset yast to start form the beginning i know it hitting this server i see it in the apache logs