ComputerSystem details

Hi guys,
Can i get the SUSE commands(From commandline) required to get the following System informations?
1.Device Type(Desktop,Server,laptop etc.)

2.ComputerSystem Manufacturer Brand Name

3.ComputerSystem Manufacturer Part Number

4.NetBios Name

5.Virtual Memory

6.Processor Count Logical

7.Memory Slot

8.RAM Total

9.Memory Slot
Also Can i get the commands required to get the following DisksFileSystems informations?
1.Logical OR Partition(DisksFileSystems)


3.Volume Serial Number(DisksFileSystems)

4.Physical Drive Manufacturer(DisksFileSystems)

5.Physical Drive Serial Number(DisksFileSystems)

6.Media Type(DisksFileSystems)

7.Logical Disk pointer to Physical Disk(DisksFileSystems)

Thanks in advance

I don’t know about all of that information, but you could install dmidecode, and then run it with root permissions. I believe on openSUSE-11.0 that dmidecode is packaged inside ‘pmtools’. Some info on dmidecode: dmidecode

The information it provides will scroll by very fast, so redirect its output to a text file with:su -c ‘dmidecode > dmidecode.txt’ and open “dmidecode.txt” with a text editor.

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Hi moderator,

        Is this dmidecode is a tool that comes under default(minimal) installation of SUSE?I can't use any tool that does not come under default installation.It does not require all these information should wrap in one command.You may know atleast some different commands for each of these details.It will be great if you list some even if it doesn't meet all of the informations.Pls be kind to specify the information from each of these commands.

Thanks in advance

You can get at least some of this information with default tools.

lshal -u computer | grep type
lshal -u computer | grep vendor

Also, take a look at /sys/class/dmi/id directory, you can get some useful info there. (example:

 cat /sys/class/dmi/id/product_name 

4. You don’t have a NetBios name in Linux, unless you are using samba to configure a CIFS client/server.
5 & 8


(it will not show shared video memory though)
If you need more specific info try this

cat /proc/meminfo


cat /proc/swaps 
sudo fdisk -l

You can get some of the other info using

 lshal | grep storage

You will have to figure this out for your self. pmtools with dmidecode is on my openSUSE-11.1 RC1 installation from KDE4 Live CD - I’ve added KDE3 base and development base to this. Whether one needs to add addtional apps, … I can tell you.

This is something you have to do your self.

Is this a home work assignment that you are trying to get others to do for you?

Try to run siga in the terminal looks like this is installed by default in suse 11.0.
I am on windows right now so can’t confirm it.

You must run it with root permission.
In short in terminal su and then root password.
If you have konqueror installed you can run it via gui with the command
siga kon in the terminal. For some hints refer to this link
Cool Solutions: siga: System Information GAthering

As i don’t have no previous hardware exposure, i should get which command is used for which information.Also i should get which part of the output should taken.I can’t use any tools which does not comes under default(minimal) installation.It will be great if i would get these information.

Why do you need this?

By the way, have you tried Yast → Hardware → Hardware Information? It takes a while to load, but it certainly gives more information on my hardware than I’d ever care to know.

run in a console as root