Computer freezes after reboot

Hello Everyone

I am using OpenSUSE 13.1 with XFCE DE. The problem is whenever I try to restart the system freezes either after BIOS or while loading the grub2 saying “Loading Initial ramdisk”. I have tried re installing the OS but it’s no use.

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation ValleyView Gen7 [8086:0f31] (rev 0e)   
 Subsystem: Biostar Microtech Int'l Corp Device [1565:1111]
    Kernel driver in use: i915

Start by running a check on your memory modules.

Hey, I bumped in to similar issues when I was using Linux Mint 17, does it ever get past loading ramdisk and get stuck at loading swapspace?

My problem turned out to be HDD failing.

Do you mean to say to check by changing physical RAM. Would you be more clear please.

Actually if it freezes I directly take off the power and the next time it boots fine but when I reboot the same problem occurs.

It does sound like memory issue, it could be RAM, the file system or the hard disk it self.
To test your RAM install memtest86+ and run a diagnostic

sudo zypper in memtest86+

memtest will add a new entry to grub, to test ram while in grub go to memtest86+
To test the filesystem run fschk.
If it’s a herddrive problem fsck is a fix id there are a few bad sectors, most hardware manufacturers offer dos tools for hdd diagnostics and repair (most of the time you can’t fix bad sectors).
depending on how you use fsck it might need exclusive access to your partition/hdd you might need to run it off a rescue/live CD/usb

To test your RAM install memtest86+ and run a diagnostic

sudo zypper in memtest86+

To test the filesystem run fschk.

I have tested the file system and RAM but couldn’t find any issues or errors.

Just to make sure it’s not some setting or an application eating up your resources why not create a new user in yast and use that account for a while, if the problem persists it’s probably your hard drive run fschk to try and find the bug it could be a corrupted file system or a bad sector in the disk the first is fixable the second not so much.

I have created the new user and checked it but the problem still persists.

Of course it’ll persist. Creating and using a new user has nothing to do with re-booting up your system.

Most likely a hardware problem some where. A soft restart may leave some device/memory/cpu/motherboard/etc in a unknown state since it never actually powers down and the BIOS may not go trough the same setup functions as a power on start. Is the hardware new/old/or what? If newer have you checked on BIOS updates??

get a live or a recovery OS and run a file system check, **fsck **can not be run on a file system that is in use that’s why you need to boot from a usb or dvd and check the file system, another older but useful tool for checking the hard drive’s health is **badblocks.
**To properly run these tools you’d need exclusive acess to the hard drive’s partitions and it’s file system.
not knowing your hard drive’'s layout this is as much help you can be given, read badblocks and fsck’s manual’s

Motherboard is BIOSTAR J1800NH2 and it’s a new one . The BIOS is also a updated one

I have checked the file booting by booting with SLITAZ live CD but couldn’t find any errors on the filesystem.

what’s the hard disk’s manufacturer, go to their site they usually have hardware diagnostic tools.

you can try and see the disk’s SMART info
install smartmontools

sudo zypper in smartmontools

and then check your hdd

smartctl -c /dev/sda                // check device
smartctl -t short /dev/sda        // run short test
smartctl -H /dev/sda               //view test results

if a hard drive is dying it will report it via smart

I have checked it and the test result shows it has passed.

then there is nothing wrong with your pc and I have no idea what might be causing those delays.

K thanks for the suggestions.

Have you checked for BIOS updates? It is not uncommon for MB’s to ship with flacky a BIOS.