Compress - software


Which is the most flexible compress (photos) software to use in openSUSE 11.1?


first, most photo formats (other than bmp and raw) are ‘compressed’
already…that is to say if you take a (say) 20 MB folder of jpg, gif,
png, etc photo files and ‘compress’ them you will not save much (if
any) space…in fact your end size may turn out to be larger than the
beginning size…

second, what do you mean by “flexible”? do you mean which has a GUI
front end?


Yes, I’m looking for a GUI one, I found ARK which is part of KDE, and I’ll try it out, but I’m open to any new suggestions.

Ark is more or less a frontend for various compression formats. File-roller is another (for gnome) that is also a frontend. My ark currently allows me to create .zip .rar .tar and .tar.gz (.tgz) compressed archives.

Zip and rar are the same as their windows counterparts. .tar.gz (.tgz) and .tar is usually how things in linux are compressed.

Try them all & see which you prefer. If you’re sending to windows peeps, stick to zip or rar.

And like palladium said, compressing .jpg files/photos won’t usually save space because they are already compressed, although it does bundle them into one file for easy distribution

When I open ARK and add several files, there is no option to compress/ZIP files? How to add several photos to ARK so they can be zipped?

Easiest way is to select all the files you want, right click > Add to Archive

Or, open Ark then from the file menu select Open & select the files you want.

Edit: Just re-read your post. Have a look in the configuration for Ark, see what kinds of compression algorithms you have installed. If you don’t see any, do a search in YaST softwre for eg: zip, rar & install them.

Also, can you post a screenshot of what Ark looks like when you have added several files as you stated in your above post? There should be a button or something that lest you zip them up. I don’t use Ark that way so I can’t remember where it is.

To create a new archive in Ark, choose New from the File menu.
You can then type the name of the archive, with the appropriate extension (tar.gz, zip, bz2 etc.). To add files to the archive, choose Add File… from the Action menu. If you want to add an entire folder to an archive, choose Add Folder… from the Action menu.