Complaint - KDE4 Desktop Widget concept

Just bitching a bit…

I’m sure I’m not the only one to leave a note on my desktop from time to time to either remind myself of something, make a list of something easily accessible…

Now, with KDE4 the whole concept of quickly creating a note on the desktop seems to be impossible. The closest miserable option is the “Notes Widget” – But it seems you can only create one of these and once it has content it’s <always open> grabbing valuable desktop real estate.

This illogical concept violates a number of fundamental design concepts… primarily making info quickly accessible to the User and efficient use of desktop space.

If you want to implement widgets in a locked region, the Vista concept of restricting only to a strip is far preferable than locking the entire desktop.

But, why should this be necessary in the first place? Why lock objects on the desktop? If this is some kind of security issue, then it’s more likely that someone needs to re-think restricting use of the desktop to simple access to important objects rather than granting excessive permissions (like executable with full User permissions).


perhaps your input would be received by folks who could do something
about it if you joined and aimed it at

DenverD (Linux Counter 282315)
A Texan in Denmark

No, I’ve NEVER thought of it as a security issue. I’ve always thought of it as
a way to help keep you from (accidently) messing up the setup/placement of things
like the taskbar and desktop icons, etc.

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