compiz simple vs. full config help

I have a Dell XPS M1330 laptop, NVidia gforce 8400 card, all drivers, and things look good.

Just trying to understand the diff between;

etc. Nothing “pretty” is on startup, actually right now I start with no window manager, if I hit compiz the screen blanks, comes back still no wm. compiz-manager starts, blanks the screen and it does start running, but I can only use the desktop-effects app (title bar says Simple Compiz Config Manager) and I use things like mouseover focus, edge flip wall which you can set with the compizconfig-settings-manager.

So after all the above, how to you start the full compiz that looks to that config for the options. I unchecked the use desktop effects, (no window manager), then start from the command but it re-checks that box.

Thanks .

Hitting commands in random like “compiz” will do aboslutelly nothing.Have u even read anywhere that the command “compiz” will do something?

Check here and here for some documentation

Well thanks for the link, as for the .02, that can be left aside as things like “hitting compiz does nothing” do nothing but annoy people, and for the record;

compiz --help
Usage: compiz --display DISPLAY] --bg-image PNG] --refresh-rate RATE]
–fast-filter] --indirect-rendering] --loose-binding] --replace]
–sm-disable] --sm-client-id ID] --no-detection]
–ignore-desktop-hints] --only-current-screen] --use-root-window]
–version] --help] [PLUGIN]…

hmmm, looks like it does do something after all, which was part of the question what are the diff’s;
which are all excutables. Save the jackass comments for people that don’t abide by correct subject lines, and such! A simple, try this link or that, sorry I don’t know the differences would be more than sufficient!

No problem,u are welcome

Hmmm lets see if I remember.
First I started (enabled) the desktop effects with the Simple CompizConfig Settings Manager. After that I opened CCSM (the full configuration manager) made the settings and the next time the system should start up with those -last- settings.

Just start fusion-icon and from this tool you can launch the Compiz Manager and configure the stuff