compiz - keys???????

What are the keys to see all compiz effects in suse 11.0

I can’t able to see any effects…:frowning:

Assuming you have a video card that will run all of the 3-D effects, go here Compiz Fusion - openSUSE and use the 1 touch install for your version. This is to insure that everything you need to run compiz is installed. After this is done, open ‘Compiz Fusion Icon’ from your applications menu. Right click on the icon it opens at the bottom right hand corner and open the settings manager.


You can access the settings via the console as well
open a console and type

Use the search funtion of Kmenu type cc… and you will already be presented with CCSM as an option or Kmenu >> Tools >> Desktop >> CCSM (CompizConfig Session Manager).
Sure you can use a terminal, but why not do it the way it was designed ?