From what I know OpenSuse Leap 42.1 KDE desktop comes with a built in compiler gcc.
Are there any forums on gcc that y’all know that are for beginners?

For some reason GCC compiler is now on my computer.
Can someone help me locate where its at?
I just installed it from yast and now it doesn’t show up as installed on my computer

Does it not work on Leap 42.1 since its a 32 bit platform?


if your install is similar to mine, the following will give the info required,

  • open yast, program manager
  • selected the search tab
  • type in the program/package name of interest, and select SEARCH
  • then select the files tab

your should now see all software items installed by /directory/subdirectory and dependencies


Well It’s installed.
When I try to search it in desktop menu the icon doesn’t pop up.

there is no gui for gcc, hence no icon

if its needed to be used directly,
call it up via a terminal

normally when compiling a program the associated ‘make’ cmd calls it up automatically

sorry, thats the limit of my useage


I tend to build most of my software that i use
( most is not in the repos )

you can start with the gcc web site

there are also a few different versions and more than one can be installed

42 is using a very NEW version gcc5.3 i believe

not a lot of even slightly older software will build with that YET


i tend to have gcc 34 and 4.3 and 4.9 installed

there are many ways of handling this

a built in system for choosing gcc or java or other things

a manually created shell script than makes sim links , this is what i use
( very old habit from 2001 )

a basic c++guide

a basic “c” guide

some of the time

make install

is the very basic procedure
but NOT always

It can get very complex very fast

there is WAY more to in than JUST gcc
and there are many parts to gcc and many versions

just look

su -
----- your root password when asked for -----
zypper se gcc 

and gcc uses autotools
and bunch of m4 macros ( you could do a PHD thesis on just them )

gcc is a command line tool, if you want an IDE you can try and install

zypper in codeblocks

or Anjuta

zypper in anjuta

both use gcc as a compiler backend