Compile and run Julia 5-dev calls for Yast, but no detail

Julia v4 is available from the repos and runs fine.
Compile of the development version v5 runs ok, however occasionally during the add or update of packages the process calls for Yast, but if it is allowed to progress comes up with an empty list of things to pull into the build process. For example the frequently used package PyPlot at one point calls for Yast. Cancel results in a working function, so it appears that the call to Yast is unnecessary since maybe the required part was already installed.
The component parts of Julia are a real puzzle to me, so when I opened this issue at github issues I was not able to press my case due to lack of substantial information, particularly what part of the process is causing the incomplete call to Yast. It appears that while Julia currently supports the apt family updater and possibly pacman as well, there is currently little if any support for zypper.
Just wondering if anyone else has been down this road and explored any other useful sideroads that might be of help bringing full openSUSE support to Julia.