compaq presario v3015NR

Hey all, I consider myself a Linux user because I have been playing with it off and on for about three years now. I downloaded the 64-bit Live CD of opensuse 11.1, I managed to get the wireless working with the search, but the search mostly returns archived results for my video card. It is a Geforce Go 6150, I tried the repository, and it doesnt work, i found the one-click solution and tried that. I got an error along the lines of “could not connect” on both my regular PC (wired) and my laptop (wireless), I have even tried entering the address under windows and get a page cannot be loaded. I tried downloading the driver directly from nvidia and it says I need binutils. I have no problem downloading something else to get it working, but I would like to know how much can I download before the live cd wont let me download anything else? I dont want to install opensuse just to find out I cant get the card working and have to sit through the windows vista restore for an hour and a half again. I have already moved my main PC away from windows, and Im hoping to do the same with my laptop in the next couple months, I have college coming up and I want something that works, not makes me wait so I can lose a fully charged battery in 30 seconds to HDD access.rotfl!