Comodo cannot connect to X server & sqlite driver not installed & real time protection?


This post may be a little confusing but I try to break it down.

I’m using Tumbleweed + Gnome, both latest I believe. I installed Comodo as an anti virus guard for me. However when I first launched it said “sqlite driver not installed.” But I’m sure both sqlite 2 and 3 are installed. Any ideas how to fix this?

Then I entered Comodo. On the left within the app it said “application not running” and suggested me to do this in terminal:

sudo /opt/COMODO/cavdiagnostic

. But I got an error saying

cannot connect to X server

. I’m pretty sure I installed all Xorg-x11 packages but unsure why this error kept popping up. Please advise.

The whole point of this is that I want to make sure my system is secure, even though it is an already-safe Linux. I installed clamAV but looks like it does not support real time protection. I mean, do we really need real-time protection? What’s your advice? Thank you!

My advice? Well, I’ve been doing without virusscanner for more than 15 years now …

Database connectors(aka drivers) are installed as separate packages. I don’t know what language Comodo is written in, so can’t recommend a specific package.

Where did you download and install your Comodo from?
And, if you did install an RPM, did you make sure it’s the 64-bit Comodo and not 32-bit?

If you did install an rpm,
it might make a difference if you installed sqlite already or not…
The RPM might not install sqlite as a dependency, or have the openSUSE code to install the dependency (eg using dnf), so it might be necessary to install sqlite <before> installing Comodo.

Although I don’t see a TAR download on the current Comodo website, a quick search returns hits that’s how some people installed Comodo. In that case, you have to install your dependencies manually before installing Comodo.

Although most viruses won’t affect Linux, it’s still useful to run AV on files in case those files ever are copied or moved to a Windows machine…


I downloaded the rpm from their website and yes, I was pretty sure I chose openSUSE and 64-bit.

Actually when the “sqlite driver not installed” message popped out, I uninstalled Comodo then re-installed the sqlite2 & 3 packages, then re-installed Comodo. But same error.

For now I guess I would just regularly use clamAV to do some virus scanning, since real-time protection does not seem to work.

Thank you for the help!

you can not run GUI applications on opensuse with sudo you need to use kdesu or gnomesu or xdg-su
if you’re running kde do

kdesu /opt/COMODO/cavdiagnostic 

if you’re a gnoime user replace kdesu with gnomesu
if unsure what desktop you’re using xdg-su will work on all desktops

xdg-su /opt/COMODO/cavdiagnostic