command option: launch an application minimized & add to system tray

  1. Is there a command option to launch an application minimized?

i.e. in terminal

firefox -minimized “

That opens firefox but does not minimize…

  1. Also, is there a command option to add the application to the system tray?


Adding the ‘–help’ option from the terminal will usually give you a list of options. Unfortunately, I don’t see an option for window size in Firefox.

1 - What Desktop are you using Gnome, KDE?
2 - Install the add-on ‘MinimizeToTray Plus’

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In KDE KWin can do things like that. Bring Firefox window to the front, then hit Alt+F3 and on the menu select ‘Advanced’ > ‘Special Window Settings’. At least here you could make it so that (certain) Firefox windows are initially minimized.

And for the System Tray, you need to create/modifiy an application starter, where the option “Place in System Tray” is checked. In ‘kmenuedit’, for instance.