Coming systemd.homed to systemd

It appears that release 245 of systemd will include homed.
systemd.homed appears to remove /etc/passwd /etc/groups /etc/shadow and encrypts your home directory. The /etc files will be replaced with an encrypted JSON file.

Things like ssh, rsync, and many applications use those /etc files - they will fail

I for one, do not want my home directory to be encrypted to be unencrypted every time I log in.

I have samba shares on certain folders in my home directory - I see that failing too.

I can see a systemd.homed bug locking out everything in your home directory.

It better be an optional entry and not mandatory of I am going to do to Linux what many did to Windows, I still use XP but not on the internet. I will keep 15.x in a virtual machine and not migrate to new unwanted features.

Running Tumbleweed and systemd 245-3.1, no homed in sight… AFAIK it is an optional service you the admin must configure, on a side note you do realize that stuff in /etc is the domain of the admin not the system, system files are moving to /usr/etc.