Combine the contents of multiple folders into one: How?

Is there any linux tools out there that allow me to do the following:

I would like to amalgamate/merge the directory contents of several folders into one.
Example: When I look in /mnt/merged/ I would like to see the contents of /mnt/nfs-share1, /home/user and /mnt/data

And I’m not talking about setting 3 symbolic links in /mnt/merged, either. I mean to actually see the contents of all 3 folders when I do a ls -al /mnt/merged

If nothing exists, then any thoughts how I could achieve that?

I am not a guru on it’s use, but I believe rsync should be able to do that. You’ll have to look up the exact syntax to use for it, or someone with more experience with it can chime in here.

If you want to see the contents of multiple folders simultaneously, you can split the Konqueror window horizontally and vertically and see the contents of each folder in a different segment. If you want to keep that permanent, leave it on a spare desktop and log out without closing it so that it is launched when you log in. I presume something similar is possible with Gnome.

IMHO your are mixing up things.
Do you want do DO something or do you want to SEE something.

I may have found what I was looking for.
It’s called AuFS.