So I tried using the sticky on here to get the codecs but the page will not load and it is a little annoying when I open Kaffeine that it says I am missing codecs. Is there a way to install the via yahst or konsole? Thanks for any support.

Please read the following thread here:

You did not mention your openSUSE version, but each version has its own start, just look through the listing.

After you have updated your openSUSE version, you can verify its operation with mmcheck, you can find here:

MMCHECK - Version 2.41 - Check Your Multimedia in 16 Steps - Bash Script File - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

openSUSE is free and can not include codecs for any restricted formats, but you can obtain everything you need from the added repository Packman. You can find listing for it here:

Additional package repositories - openSUSE

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