codec one click install, video ok, no audio

I have installed multimedia codec over my pc with opensuse 11.0 gnome, repo ok, installation sussesfully but althought i can see my .avi video but not audio at all.

Please help me!

It could be the videofile has a different codec for audio.

Depending on which player you are using (i think Totem?) you can add extra codes buy opening YaST > Software Management , search for ‘gstreamer-’ and add the gstreamer-pluging-extra (and maybe even bad).
It might get your sound back.

Another option is to use a player like VLC or MPlayer, they can play a lot of content without extra plugins needed.

Hope that helps,

What media player application? What sound codec does the avi file have? What repo did you install?

You are asking us to speculate … :mad:

Further to Magic31’s advice, Install the Packman repository, … and then install w32codec-all, libxine1, xine-ui, xvid, smplayer, and vlc.