codeblocks / eclipse

In the past I have been a Ubuntu user. IDEs such as Eclipse and Codeblocks were available on one click install from the software manager as were programs such as, Stellarium and games like. Supertux. Is there something I am doing wrong, as I can’t find these on the Opensuse 13.1 software manager? Can I add repos that have these or do I need to use Download openSUSE 13.1 to install them?


The Software Manager only shows packages available in the configured repos.

On Search you can search all the online repos on OBS, the Open (former openSUSE) Build System.
You can download the search results and install them manually, or you can click on an 1-click install link there which automatically adds the corresponding repo to your system (so you will get future updates as well, and all other packages from that repo will show up in YaST->Software Management) and installs the package.

But make sure that you only use 1-click installs intended for your openSUSE version if you’re not 110% sure what you are doing. Otherwise the added repos might/will break your system…