Clues for chromebook keyboard needed

Hello All,

recently I took the step to install Linux on my Asus Cromebook, but I couldn’t make the keyboard work (neither during the install, nor afterwards) .
Sadly I forgot to take a look which modules were loaded under ChromeOS.
Any clues how to make it work (at least basic functionality)?

The model is: ASUS C202SA-GJ0027
CPU: Intel Celeron N3060
Disk: 16 GB eMMC

Without a keyboard it is hard to debug things.

Can you try with an external USB keyboard?
Can you stop the boot in the bootloader, is the keyboard working there?

I’ve just reinstalled with Tumbleweed , but it’s the same.

External USB keyboard is OK and I’m currently using one.

I have noticed that the keyboard works initially in the install USB (when I have to select “Install” ) , but later stops working.

And it seems that I can edit the grub menu, so definately a kernel module (or it’s lack of it) is causing the problem.

This is nearly unusable. If you can - change hardware. You need at least 4 GiB RAM and 32 GB drive.
Buy used hardware, but not this.

About keyboard - post info about hardware:




Maybe you’ll need 32-bit TW.

Well, it seems to be working quite fine :smiley: and far better than the stupid chromeos.

I just tried GalliumOS which is optimized for chromebooks and it seems that the keyboard is working quite fine.