close button on windows not working ?

so i decided to uninstall opensuse 11 gnome and go with opensuse 11 kde4

i decided not to enable the kde repository that said “not necessarily stable”, so that cant be the reason for my issues.

but i did choose the other two kde repositories (one said kde-backports and the other said kde-community)

i also enabled oss and non-oss and videolan and compiz/xgl and whatever else sounded like i would need it

then i updated everything

i also enabled compiz by going to into simple-ccsm and checking the box

then i rebooted…

now what happens is…

every time i go to click the close button in the top corner of the windows, it doesn’t close

i have to click it like 4 times before it finally closes


if i have one window behind another, and i go to click the window thats on bottom it will mess up and start resizing or moving the one thats on top

i click the window like 4 or 5 times and it finally comes to the top (not cool)

wait theres more…

if i press alt-tab i can switch windows, but if i go to click the window that i just switched to, it will switch back instantly

now i have switched to emerald and it fixes all of the problems, but i would rather not have to use emerald

is there something that i am missing?

what am i doing wrong?

how can i fix it?

ok i have disabled compiz and i am now using the standard kde desktop effects

the buttons all work right again

so for some reason it only happens when i am using compiz without emerald

I have this exact issue. The weird focus problem like you describe with resizing windows is especially frustrating, but I have all your symptoms.

On 10/23/2008 tjwoosta wrote:
> ok i have disabled compiz and i am now using the standard kde desktop
> effects the buttons all work right again

Silly question maybe, but do you really need compiz? I’m totally fine with the KDE desktop effects.


of course nobody really needs compiz, but everybody loves eyecandy

so the way i see it, i had a few choices

  1. use kde without compiz

  2. use kde with compiz, but use emerald as a window decorator

  3. use GNOME with compiz, with or without emerald

i decided to remove KDE for good, and reinstall opensuse with GNOME

(and i am glad i did, because well… kde sucks)

GNOME is so, so, so much better then kde3

and what about kde4? (well thats just a joke, becuase kde4 is even worst then kde3)

problems with kde4

  1. compiz window decoration problem like mentioned above

  2. cant get the panel or the start menu to have a shadow when using compiz

  3. very few themes availible at the time being

  4. plasma is the stupidest thing i have ever seen in my life (they should have stuck with kicker)

  5. the desktop icons are F%$&* stupid for a few reasons
    a. who the hell would ever need to rotate their desktop icons?
    b. its a pain in the @$$ to add custom launchers to the dektop
    c. when you right click on a file or a document that is on the desktop there are no real usefull options at all
    (im talking about like; “extract here” or “open with” or “send to” or “write to disc”)

  6. the keyboard shortcuts dont work for crap
    a. no matter what, i cant set a shortcut key for the terminal
    b. with amarok the next track, previous track ,play, and stop buttons all had to manually be assigned to my keyboards multimedia keys
    c. with the volume manager i had to manually assign the volume up and down, to my keyboadrs multimedia keys

kde3.5 in my opinion is much better then kde4 but it still is not quite equivilat to gnome
(they took way to many steps in the wrong direction with kde4)

problems with kde3.5

  1. the multimedia keys again dont work without manually assigning each one

  2. again i cant set a shortcut key for the terminal

3.i have always heard that kde is much more customizeable (well thats bull$#*% because i can make gnome with compiz look much better than kde ever could and it takes me about 1/4 the time to customize

now ever since switching back to GNOME i have not run into a single problem

1.all my multimedia shortcuts worked right out of the box (as they should) is very easy to set a shortcut key to open any program, including the terminal

  1. customizing gnome was a breeze

  2. it works perfectly with or without emerald!

^^ You know, I’ve really been struggling with whether to go with the Gnome version of OpenSuse instead of KDE. I’m about 5 days in, and starting to think that jumping distros (Ubuntu to OpenSUSE) and moving from Gnome to KDE at the same time was a bad idea at my level of experience. Not that I am a Gnome expert, but I’ve been using it for more than a year, whereas my only prior KDE experience was a month or two with KDE 3.5.x.

Based on your post here, I think I’m going to do the same as you did.

I just wanted to share my opinion… not everyone “loves eye candy”. In fact, one of the standard things I do when installing WinXP is to turn off all the extra desktop effects and themes. I like lean, clean and efficient OSs.

not everyone “loves eye candy”

ok i can see your point there (especially with some older machines)

but in my case i have a intel pentium dual core @1.47ghz and 1GB ram with integrate intel gm965 graphics

so for me it really doesnt make much difference in speen if i run compiz or not

even with fully decked out compiz fusion running i can still multitask like crazy, and i notice no difference in speed at all

my computer runs faster with linux and compiz then it does with vista without aero (go figure)

  • tjwoosta,

so Gnome fixed all your issues, that’s fine.

If you want to rant about KDE, go ahead, but please do that in the soapbox forum!