Cloning / and $USER and adding an entry to existing LEAP 15.1 EFI


Recently I’ve been experimenting with Tumbleweed on an external SSD stick and decided to actually clone it into my laptop’s internal SSD. Following is what has been done:

  1. I booted from Tumbleweed and used the default partitioner to shrink my LEAP 15.1 / to 55GB.
  2. I booted from LEAP 15.1 to make sure everything is operating normally.
  3. While booted from LEAP 15.1 I rsync the TW /home/$USER to laptop’s internal HDD.
  4. While booted from LEAP 15.1 I dismounted the TW SSD and cloned the TW / (resizing to 55GB) to the end of my laptop’s internal SSD.

Now there’s the mystery of how to register the TW into the existing /EFI partition in my laptop’s SSD . Any suggestions?

You are bit vague on details. So I’ll be a bit vague in responding.

The idea is to mount the EFI partition as “/boot/efi”. And you should setup an “/etc/fstab” entry for this.

And then run


You do need to have the system booted in UEFI mode and running for that. Or you can mount from rescue media and run that from rescue mode.

Ask if you need more details. But best to first give some information, such as the output from

fdisk -l

Hi nrickert, I mounted the common EFI partition as /boot/efi in /etc/fstab, and of course, the SSD is set to GPT and only UEFI installation on it. I will keep this for future reference. Current short version is that gParted failed to clone the TW / from the external SSD to local, so I ended up just doing a new install using a flash disk while keeping $HOME