Clipboard only works partly in Wayland

This is probably a known problem and related to the security and / or limitations of Wayland, but I wanted to ask if anyone’s aware of a workaround. Ever since I switched from X11 to WL my clipboard has been acting funny; I can still copy text between different applications, however if an application you copied text from is closed the copied text also disappears! When clicking on the Clipboard icon in the system tray, I’m no longer seeing any new entries there either… having a history and being able to recover recent clipboard items was very useful, currently it’s the only important thing that stopped working alongside proper multi-display management.

Any options or workarounds to get full clipboard functionality back in the Plasma Wayland session? Is it known when limitation that break the clipboard functionality may be lifted?

Here’s some of the backstory regarding this…

Some other interesting info…


Thank you, very useful info. So it is as I suspected, Wayland’s security interfering with advanced clipboard functionality. Seems that issue hasn’t been changed since 2019 so I’m hoping someone is still on it.

Also noticed something worth noting with this occasion: wclip doesn’t seem to be included in the openSUSE software repositories at all (not even home: ones) though xclip is there and seemingly installed by default. wl-clipboard is available instead but only as an experimental package. Any possibility of the admins considering them for inclusion in the meantime?✓&baseproject=ALL&q=wclip✓&baseproject=ALL&q=wl-clipboard

Send an email to the maintainer, or add a comment on the Project package page asking if it can be subbed to openSUSE:Factory

Thanks: Added a note there and also linked this thread for more background. I don’t use the Factory repos, packages there can be unstable and I don’t want zypper accidentally pulling something it shouldn’t be… perhaps Tumbleweed-OSS may see this as well eventually.

Subbing to openSUSE:Factory is the location for packages to get into the distribution, eg Tumbleweed, it’s just a staging project.

That’s great: I know Tumbleweed is based on Factory snapshots but wasn’t sure if some stuff is still left out. So I should be able to install it once adding it is accepted… hopefully it will work with the Klipper system tray icon as well.