ClamAV howto

Hi there
Add to your repositories
and manually

(Take the quote marks (") out when installing the repository)

clamtk gui this needs perl
Klamav (kde3) you need this to for Kmail integration/screening config
install the Clamav addon for firefox for download screening
Having done this
goto yast System Services (runlevel) expert mode
Clamav-milter B 2 3 5 and start
clamd B 2 3 5 and start
save and finish

…and use the latest suse 11.3… keep uptodate

any further questions…just post

have fun

cheers Otto

otto oz wrote:
> any further questions…just post

one question?

why did you post a how-to which has absolutely nothing to do with
networking in the networking forum?

it would have been perfect to post it to:

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]

I support that Howtos shouldgo in the Howtos sunforum (seems at least rather logical to me).

And I want to add that most Linux users do not run Clamav or any other AV software (apart from the fact that Linux is allready a good AV tool in itself). Only eception is when they have to deal with files coming and going from/to Windows systems and thus want to suppress Windows viruses as a service to the poor Windows users.

Hi Guys

You are absolutely right. I reposted in howto !

cheers Otto