clamav - clamd application, the basics

My script has reached the point where it’s most of the design flaws and bugs have been fixed. I need the basics on how to use clamd. Correct usage and keep from slowing the system. Starting with, clamd is an active virus scanner? I can read the help file. I need practical examples. Thanks.

You might want to take a look at the official ClamAV Manual

In particular,
You’ll find various ways of invoking ClamAV to do different things starting on page 17
The API documentation in Section 6.3, which also includes instructions for compiling the use of the API from source

If you’re interested perhaps in how people are configuring and using ClamAV, some have posted on YouTube.

It’s been several years,
I remember I was looking at a forensic paper how they identified malware code embedded in something else… I remember they did a dump and then ran clamscan against it in a particular way.

So, there are many ways that ClamAV can be used, and for different objectives.


Not clamscan, I have working well. I mean clamd. I’m having trouble with viewing youtube videos. My sys boot failed for the second time, upgrade install twice. Can you post examples here?

I consider ClamAV as the entire suite of related apps.

clamd is one of the many, and the referenced ClamAV User Manual has sections on each, including clamd.
In fact, the descriptiveness of this section suggests many scenarios you can invoke clamd.