chromium vs chrome (browser)

Does anyone know the practical difference between using Chromium and Chrome browsers? There’s a lot of talk on the cybersecurity beat about Chrome leaking passwords, etc.
I mean, is it simply Chrome recompiled or does it get any “linux-ish” security “fixes?”


There are plenty informations whats the differences of Chrome and Chromium:

Chromium is open source. Chrome is closed source but is based on Chromium and contains additional features. Both are developed bei Google.

That is utter nonsense. Chrome does not leak passwords. It has a password leak detection. There is also a lot of information available if one only uses a search machine…

Did you read it? Chrome and Edge are not “leaking” the passwords! Advanced features like spellchecking expose the typed words/sentences/numbers to a spellchecking service. That’s the risk of all features which are based on a cloud/online service. Data needs to be transmitted to these services.

That’s also the reason why many companys forbid/disable the use of online translators for their employees as all data you translate is sent to the online sevice provider, and sensible/confidential data could be submitted.

Of course. “Leaking” is kinda semantics in this case if you’re not an IT person. In this case someone may simply think it’s a good thing to use advanced spellchecker and enable it. Outcome: same.
But I know you think I’m wrong in this, and that’s fine. Answer to original question is apparently, “No.”