Chromium sync broken in tumbleweed 20210121

I noticed since doing a zypper dup to tumbleweed 20210121 that Chromium sync is no longer logged in and there is no option to log sync in (see screenshot)

If I do a rollback to 20210115 then I am able to sync again

both snapshots are using the same version of Chromium (87.0.4280.141) so I don’t know what has changed to break sync.

Chrome browser works just fine in both snapshots as far as sync goes - this is specific to Chromium.

anybody else seeing this?
Known issue?

As a Tumbleweed user, you should follow the development Mailing List… (Maybe setup an rss feed?) it’s been removed upstream;

that’s disappointing as I preferred Chromium over Chrome (although it did seem to break pretty regularly in Tumbleweed)
I guess I’ll switch to Chrome for the immediate future (would like to use Firefox but it it will take time to migrate some stuff over - passwords etc - and not sure if CC autofill is available outside US yet).