Chromium (Google Chrome) repository

There is an Ubuntu repository of Chromium at Index of /chromium-daily/ppa/ubuntu, please make the similar one for OpenSUSE, or add chromium-browser package to one of the existing OpenSUSE repositories!

I don’t think this should be in the forum, please post a feature request at the proper place.

Seems a little drastic for a feature request…

Any way my understanding is launchpad is like OBS perhaps try the OBS forum and request it you never know. Or do it yourself just as I guess someone has done for launchpad.

When the first stable chronium comes out I hope that Google will put it to their repository - like with Picasa and Google Earth.
Anyway it would be good idea to put Google Chrome to one of the repositories for testing.

You can get Chrome packages from here Google Chrome Released – openSUSE Fedora RPM – Flash Support | Ben Kevan’s Blog

Thank you for that! :wink:
Only one question: is there any way to remove the warning page what comes up on every start? - that it’s only a beta, etc. .

doesn’t come up at every start here, only once when I first started it. All subsequent starts do not have this here

This pages comes up


I can’t find anything in Settings to turn this page off.

That’s a default blank page. Not sure you can get rid of it right now. You can however set a home page but it’ll still open the blank dev page in another tab at startup](

I have the same settings but the about page still comes up. :\

yes, it always seem to come up. I think this is deliberately done so by the devs… go figure

I recommend using chromium (google chrome for linux) from this site, it is pure developers channel. Changes happen every 5-10 minutes. You can even read changes from the xml file (if it is 35 size then it is empty).

Index of /buildbot/snapshots/chromium-rel-linux

P.S. I personally have a script that downloads it every hour so i’m pretty on time with developmentrotfl!

P.S.2 The actual versioning is 4.0.202 from this chromium repository

P.S.3 If someone will use it he’ll cease to use Firefox at all. Flash performance is great, it’s using a lot less memory than Firefox (it shares between tabs a lot, try opening 50 new tabs and look at memory usage). It starts in half a second even with all the history. Try to start firefox with lots of history in a second, even on my quad and 8GB ram it starts in 5-6 seconds.

I found this Choromium issue: Issue 11508 - chromium - Build RPMs - Project Hosting on Google Code

How does one go about installing from the source that you suggested? I’d like to try it out as well.

You just download it from there, it is file, you unpack it somewhere in /home/<user>/ (i created separate directory like /home/<user>/Programs/ and there is chrome linux, you then set chrome file as executable and run it from console, it will show you what dependencies you need. If it complains about something like or 0d then you need to install mozilla nss library or something and create symlinks to those libraries, so if it complaing about you create a symlink with

ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ (or 0d), just watch what it complains about.

P.S. For 64 bit systems you need to install 32 bit packages as there is no 64 bit build yet (at all).

Not so sure about it. I have many useful plugins for FF which are none-existent for Chrome. There’s no tor button plugin for it, AdBlock plus, Greasemonkey, etc. so unless all those come to Chrome, I’ll stick to FF :wink:

There is AdSweep :wink:

Of course chromium can’t compete if it goes about plugins but it can compete with memory usage, browsing speed, startup speed and overall look :slight_smile: And tremendous development speed lol!

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

BenderBendingRodriguez wrote:

> There is AdSweep :wink:
> Of course chromium can’t compete if it goes about plugins but it can
> compete with memory usage, browsing speed, startup speed and overall
> look :slight_smile: And tremendous development speed lol!
only want to add
I’m very like how chrome search [tab] adding search engines this so great
search on page with highligting in the right scroll bar
as about adds block it runs more quickly the pages with ads instead of ff vs
addblock imo


Which chrome file must I make executable and run? Do I need to run it like a script file, with the “sh” prefixed to it?

Also, does this install the browser onto my system or just let me run it from where it’s at?

Thanks for the help!