Chromium and Gecko media plugin

Has anybody had any luck getting the gecko media player plugin to work in chromium so you can view streaming windows media files?
Whenever I visit a site that wants to load gecko plugin I get a yellow bar at the top of chromium stating
“Could not load Windows Media Player Plug-in”

If I go to about:plugins I can see that gecko is present.
Works fine in firefox

Using Opensuse 12.1 64
Chromium 22.0.1226.0-1.29.1
Gecko 1.0.6-1.5
gnome-mplayer 10.6-2.1

Please give us a url of an example that you have trouble with

here’s one

Windows Media Player test


PluginDoc: Windows Media Player Plugin Test Player (XP/Vista)


Windows Media test

farcusnz wrote:

> here’s one
> ‘Windows Media Player test’ (
> another
> ‘PluginDoc: Windows Media Player Plugin Test Player (XP/Vista)’
> (
> another
> ‘Windows Media test’ (

They are pretty messy.
I don’t use gecko-mediaplayer, but the totem plugin (even in kde)

Only this one plays properly:
In either FF or Chromium

I have a busy day
See you later

I think this is probably more an indication of what a good job gecko plugin does in playing windows media streaming files.
In firefox it pretty much plays everything thrown at it in the same way as the actual windows plugin in IE on windows.

Just can’t get anything at all out of it in chromium though.