Choppy sound fix


I’m new here and kindda lost, so i posting this here, if it should be in other forum place, maybe admins will move it.

So i’m writing here to help people with a choppy sound problem. I found this solution way back then I was using ubuntu totally by accident and I think only few people knows it. Well at least this solution it is not in troubleshoot for sound in opensuse web page and as I see other solutions is useless, at least it didn’t helped for me. I finally decided to join opensuse community and help many people like me with a choppy sound. The trick is to disable auto mute mode in alsamixer. You have to download it first and install it. I’m still a noob in gnu/linux, so I don’t know in which repository alsamixer is :slight_smile:

I hope i helped, it helped for me.

Hi – welcome – OK I’ll move this to the Multimedia forum for you.

Its fairly easy to find out. First find out what directory alsamixer app is located. Then do an rpm search to see what rpm alsamixer (using the full path) comes with.

oldcpu@corei7:~> whereis alsamixer
alsamixer: /usr/bin/alsamixer /usr/bin/X11/alsamixer /usr/share/man/man1/alsamixer.1.gz
oldcpu@corei7:~> rpm -qf /usr/bin/alsamixer

and its clear here that on openSUSE alsamixer comes with the rpm alsa-utils.

If you are averse to the command line you can also search for alsamixer in Yast’s Software manager with the file list search checkbox ticked.

The command line is surely more efficient, but sometimes it’s hard to remember all those command switches/options/syntax.

I see you didn’t understand me. I know there alsamixer is, I fixed my problem, I just wanted to share this information and hopefully it will be added in opensuse troubleshoot of choppy sound fix here: SDB:Audio troubleshooting - openSUSE. Because adding tsched=0, or changing sample rate to 48000 didn’t helped for me. cheers.

understand you fixed your problem …

but you also posted:

and once you know the rpm that alsamixer comes with “alsa-utils” then type

rpm -qi alsa-utils

and you will note " Vendor: openSUSE" which is a pretty big hint that alsa-utils is on a repository maintained by SuSE-GmbH which likely means the “OSS” (open source) repository of openSUSE.

You can then check that in YaST > Software > Software Management as suggested to you, or look direct in the OSS directory associated with the OSS repository to confirm (for example openSUSE-12.1) :

[and you will see alsa-utils inside that directory]

To the op I am looking at the alsamixer and can’t find the auto mute mode
Where is the right key. In xfce4-mixer I can see it and I can enable and disable it

I forgot to mention, that the real problem is, that headphones is switching places with speakers(i have no idea why they do that) and disabling auto-mute( and as you said it could be not just in alsamixer, but in some other mixer, again, I have no idea why) helps to prevent it. The other solution i found just now is to set headphone level to 0 in gnome-alsamixer after permanently switching to opensuse. I guess you just have to disable headphones in one way or another.