Choosing and Installing a Window Env


I am a Linux newbie and have just installed a basic system (i.e., without KDE, GNOME, or any other window env).

I would like to be able to do the following on the system:
(1) surf internet & download torrents
(2) burn and rip CDs
(3) Watch DVDs
(4) program in Python
(5) program in C/C++ including OpenGL programming
(6) Graphically look through files

I have a 98’ system so it is fairly old and performance means a lot to me. However, I do not totally want to sacrifice look and feel.

Upon launching YaSt I’ve noticed that it offers a lot of applications and widgets that accomplish the same task. There are way to many for me to look through and experiment with. :’(

Can someone please suggest the packages and applications that I should install for the best user experience (i.e., so I can perform the tasks I’ve listed above)? What I’m looking for is the best burning application, best torrent application etc? Just one application for each task?


You’re joking, right? A copy of SuSE 6.0 should do just fine.

A copy of SuSE 6.0 as in my computer will not handle the latest version or SuSE 6.0 for the things want to do?

By the way, I’ve tried Gnome and it worked. Slowly but worked. Using the window managers added speed. I have other computers I could use. I just do not want to devote a decent machine to this until I’m satisfied that it can actually work. Besides, I hear that linux is supposed to be more efficient in using resources so what is the problem?

How much memory you got on that '98 machine?

It is at its max of 768MB.

You may want to try another distro like dam nsmall (without the space between the m and n, as I am purposely bypassing the swear filter, hey its not my fault they named it with a swear word!) or puppy on such a old antique.