Choose XFCE during install


I just installed OpenSuse and everything went fine, but for some reason I just prefer the xfce DE.

The question I have now is how can I choose XFCE as my DE during installation? Only KDE and GNOME are available during the process. Is there a way to install xfce without first installing another DE?


I thought that you XFCE was mentioned in the Other list when you are on the screen to decide which DE you want.
Isn’t that the case?

Or choose no DE at all. And then on the last screen before you realy start the installation, you can always choose to change the suggestion for software to be installed. Use the Patterns View and select the XFCE Pattern.

Ok I will have a look.
Thank you for the quick answer :slight_smile:

I just tested this (but I will abort the test install).

For the desktop choice, go with “Generic Desktop”.

Later, click on “Software”, and on the next screen, click “Details”. Then select the “XFCE Desktop Environment”.

I didn’t complete the install. But this does seem to select all of the important XFCE software.

Note also you can have as many DE as you want and can install others after the OS install in yast select the pattern(s) you want. Select desktop at login

As an Xfce user myself I hope in the future Leap will also offer Xfce as one of the default install options like it already does in openSUSE Tumbleweed. I guess and hope it will happen.

Thank you. It worked.

Apparently the word ‘Software’ (on the last screen before you press ‘install’) is a hyperlink to another screen where you can select extra software. I didn’t notice the hyperlink at first though :wink:

How can I mark the thread as SOLVED?

All the paragraphs there are links to be used if the proposal on the screen does not suite you. This is the place where the fine tuning is to be done. Maybe other partitioning, maybe no firewall, maybe other software, …