Choose between Graphical and Terminal Boot

Hi, I’m fairly new tu openSUSE. Not exactly a begginer in linux but i’ve never tried this.

Want I want to do is to have and option (maybe in GRUB menu) to start normally and another option that boots to terminal without X.

My final goal is to have an option to boot to my KDE desktop and another to boot to XBMC directly.

Any suggetions?

Copy your present entry exactly and just append a 3 to the end of the kernel line. Of course changing the title.

This will drop you to runlevel 3 which on suse has no X running.

Edit On reflection
If it is missing bits you need then you’ll have to create a custom one. Unless I’m mistaken runlevel 4 would be clear, but you’ll need to do some googling and it will be based around inittab.

You also probably want to switch the network to traditional rather than
the network manager. If you want access to external usb drives,
automount cdrom etc the install the ivman service.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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I’ll give it a try thank you very much!!

An easier way to start text mode is to type “3” (without quotes) and press Enter at the grub prompt while booting.