CherryTree: missing dependency


The CherryTree package doesn’t work in the default configuration, because it’s missing an explicit dependency. It works perfectly once you install the python2-dbus-python package.

Where’s the appropriate place to report this sort of thing (as well as some other minor problems) ? Is this forum perused by the OpenSUSE Leap package maintainers ? Or is there some central bug reporting database ?


Normally a bug report… however it would probably wind up with me since I’m the Factory cherrytree maintainer :wink: The Leap releases in actual fact have no maintainer of the old release, I can add the requires in as a maintenance update (but not sure it’s worth it), any other bugs with it won’t get fixed as it’s unmaintained upstream as well…

What are the other minor problems with the package?

This seems to be the only problem with the package.

In the current state, an average user installing CherryTree using either YaST, Zypper or Discover will find the application is not working.

Suggestion: just add the missing dependency.

BTW, where’s the orthodox place to report OpenSUSE Leap bugs?

OK, will look at an update :wink:

For bugs start here: openSUSE:Submitting bug reports - openSUSE

Update done, not sure how long it will take.