Changing the default background image during the start up

Hi everyone,

Quite new on OpenSuse I have install OpenSuse 13.1 at my laptop and home media player and I’m impressed how OpenSuse handles the load on my XBMC setup. just wondering if I can change the screen background during the startup process. I have changed the background image of the splash screen (the image on selecting the boot loader), I also manage to changed the login screen and lock screen but during the whole start up process I still see the default green vine on a black background after selecting the boot loader and after entering the password. also during shutting down. may I know how or where I can find the image located or where can I change this setting.

have you tried,

System Settings

  • System Administration
    – Login Screen
    — Background
    ---- Picture
    then select the preferred image
    the preference on this PC is /boot/grub2/themes/openSUSE/background.png
    then in Position: Scale & Crop


Yap done but still see the default image (green vine)

Sorry for time wasting,
bootloader? grub2?
desktop manager? kwin?
desktop? kde?
kernel? 3.xx.xx?
more info would be helpful

is the file /boot/grub2/themes/openSUSE/background.png
the image (green vine)?
if so, change the file name and put there the image of
choice with the name background.png then run command (root privileges needed)

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

best of luck

but this is not the correct way of doing things, the formal
way is as stated before

I suppose this is about the plymouth splash screen, i.e. the image you get after the boot menu and before the login screen/the graphical session appears.

Have a look at “man plymouth” for how to set that.

The themes are located in /usr/share/plymouth/themes/, but if you change one of the existing ones, your changes might be overwritten when installing updates. So better copy it and change the copy if you want to do that.

And since plymouth normally is started from the initrd already, you might have to run “mkinitrd” after changing the theme.

My responses assumed Plymouth was not installed!

Why? ? ?

no, the green vine is the default wallpaper, the on on /boot/grub2/themes/openSUSE/background.png is the on with SUSE logo with 13.1 label

I’m Using Opensuse 13.1 64 bit KDE 4.11.5 with kernel 3.11.10-7-desktop

I have already changed the /boot/grub2/themes/openSUSE/background.png and update the may boot loader via yast, that need change the image from the bootloader menu. and from the configure-desktop ==> Login Sceen at the Theme TAB I have changed the background. but still I can see the default (green vine) image during the startup process.

  1. after the choosing OpenSuse 13.1 on bootloader menu
  2. after entering may password (the one with the icons of disk network and kde )
  3. after clicking the shutdown button

I hope I have explain may scenario well.


best way forward is to do as wolfi323 suggested above

however my solution was to search for plymouth in
-Yast --Software Management
with -Name -Keyword and -Summary selected
then delete all packages with plymouth in the name

after which the selected background was visible
but of course the fancy start screens are lost

take care

Yes, uninstalling plymouth removes the boot splash completely.
But the question was how to change it.

And which “selected background” do you mean?
Plymouth should have no influence whatsoever on any other background image.

1 and 3 are displayed by plymouth and can be changed as described before.
2 is KDE’s splash screen, you can change that in “Configure Desktop”->“Desktop Appearance”->“Splash Screen”. KDE’s upstream default splash screen is called “Standard”.

Those themes are located in /usr/share/kde4/apps/ksplash/Themes/ if you want to change an existing one.
But the same note as before applies here: in this case better copy one and name it differently, then change the copy.
Otherwise your changes will get lost sooner or later.

Ok I think I understand a bit of the issue here. The ksplash theme can be changed as wolf pointed out. However if you still see the lizard screen then you need to go to:
delete this file and you should see the lizard removed.

This is extremely useful if you are manually theming the login screen. It seems that ksplash calls the splash file from your cache instead of from the system default.

Yes, that is the way I read it, too.