Changing mac address and setting ip manually

I was configuring my internet conenction with knetworkmanager’s latest version. Because I have to set up a static ip and change my ethernet’s MAC address.

With yast, it is limited - No mac changing is allowed and I don’t know what to write to hostname after I choose to configure ip address manually.

When I switch to init 3, all the configuration set by knetworkmanager is going away. How can I get internet connection while on init 3? Thanks

To change the mac address I was adding these lines to /etc/init.d/boot.local

/sbin/ifconfig eth0 down
/sbin/ifconfig eth0 hw ether AA:11::::
/sbin/ifconfig eth0 up

Is there a way like this (edit a file) to set my ip address manually?

What about YaST > Network > Network devices and setting to “traditional method with ifup” there. And of course then fill in the fields needed.

IMHO this is still the ‘normal’ way for a system manager to configure a NIC. And it will then start at runlevel 3 (and above). The usage of networkmanagers by the end-user is because when the end user switches on a laptop somewhere he has no system manager available. It works when an end-user is active in a GUI, thus runlevel 5 and loged in.

I use static IPs all over the place, always done that through Yast. Never changed the MAC address though. Sure you need that?

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Thanks guys, I used yast’s network manager to set my ip manually. But at first time, it was hard for me, cos all the settings are spread to individual tabs, dns, gateway, ips are all in different tabs.

For the mac, the method that I mentioned works flawlessly.

They are in different tabs because they are different things. You could e.g. add an IP address to a new NIC, but that does not involve your DNS server configuration.

Maybe, but then only because he ignored this one here:

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