Changing keyboard layout

I can’t change the keyboard layout, when I add second layout in YaST. The switching key combinations doesn’t work.
When I add second layout in “Configure Desktop”, I can change layouts but often I should first mouse click the flag icon in the tray, before keyboard combination begins to work.

How to fix it?

The keyboard layouts in YaST are for changing hardware. The layouts in Configure Keyboard are for changing the software layout of one keyboard. That is why you must click the flag to change the software layout. The keyboard combinations change the hardware layouts if you have two keyboards.

To temporarily change your keyboard layout you can use scim (or skim for KDE). For the commandline there’s setxkbmap.

What about “Xkb options” in “Configure desktop”? Shouldn’t it allow usage of keyboard shortcuts for switching layouts of a single device? Still, when I tune shortcuts there it usually requires that first the icon in the tray were mouse clicked, and only after that, shortcuts do work. It’s not convinient as I have to change layout constanly. I’d like to be able to change layouts with keyboard shortcuts only.
In addition, the icon in the tray doesn’t change, when I do change a layout with a shortcut.

I’d prefer to solve this by means of OS and not to download an additional 30 MB software, if it is possible.

You have a choice; either configure the keyboard to respond to keyboard shortcuts OR use a quite separate (KDE) program to make a change in how the input from the keyboard is interpreted. The first will work whether you have KDE or Gnome installed; the second is limited to KDE. They are choices. Choose which works best for you but don’t mix them up.

As I said, I’d prefer to solve this by means of OS and not to install an additional 30 MB software, if it is possible.

But I don’t know why the keyboard sometimes doesn’t responde to shortcuts and I have to click the icon in the tray in these cases.

Also, it would be nice if the icon changed when I change the layout with a keyboard shortcut and not only when I change it with a mouse click.

Maybe I take the normal behavior for a bug??? Does anyone now the answer?