Changing "#" for viewing man pages in Krunner

Hitting Alt-F2 and then typing “#foo” shows me foo’s manpage in the default browser, which is fast and neat.

I would like to switch it over to use Konqueror for viewing manpages, and not the default browser. How do I do that?

My problem is that all links within manpages are broken in my default browser (Chromium). I looked up KDE’s webshortcuts and Krunner’s Module list, but I cannot discern any entry which is responsible for dealing with “#” and Google did not help me either.

  • STurtle

how did you set the default browser? Because I have chromium as the default browser too, but searching for manpages via Alt+F2 opens Konqueror on my box.


I think I just answered “Yes” to Chrome’s offer to become the default browser, but I don’t remember exactly.

I don’t find a corresponding offer/button in Konqueror, though. I changed it back to “konqueror” in the KDE System Settings -> Standard Components, but that does not seem to have any effect on “#”, but only other URLs are opened in Konqueror then - the exact opposite of what I want!
(Note that I recently updated to KDE 4.8, but I had the problem before, and the update did not change this behaviour.)