changing display content size (kde)


I use to have a HD screen (1080p, that is 1920x1080), but my laptop have only a semi-hd screen 1366x768.

So, I want to display on the laptop screen the same layout/info than on the desktop one. I tried in properties to reduce the font size and it works, but it’s a bit tedious to do so for each and any font, task bar, etc.

Is there a way to do this on one shot?

like “make my 1080p screen fit on a 768p one” - scaling process of screen contents

I notice on the properties, display, a way to make text bigger, but not smaller :frowning:


I reply to myself, because looking to a solution I found almost it.

It’s not plain one shot but enough to be used.

in the kde properties, goto fonts. There the best way is to change the pixel count. It’s usually 96 - it used to be the screen pixels/inch count, but have not meaning now with flat screens. I use 70 and had nearly the HD size I wanted.

My screen is 15.6 inches, pretty large.

Then one can also change the size of the bottom task bar and also change the desktop icon size, and voilà


You should know that 1080p and 720p are HD television screen definitions by density and not necessarily “native” to display monitors which traditionally define screen resolution by a matrix of horizontal and vertical pixels. There are exceptions like displays that are combo TV and computer monitor, but even then internally the display will generally be set according to whether the input signal is TV or computer.

So, there really isn’t a direct translation from one to the other,
But nowadays graphics cards do recommend an optimum screen resolution for particular display monitors.

My general recommendation has always been to go along with whatever <screen resolution> the GPU manufacturer recommends but of course you can modify.

I also generally recommend not changing dpi and other display configurations <other than screen resolution>… because those “other” settings can result in some pretty weird things like text or objects that’s too small or won’t fit in their objects.


I have right now three computers with screen resolution of 1366x768 (not really 720p, but near, this is often called “hd” on tablets), the smallest is 11", the bigger 15.6". Obviously character size can’t be the same on the bigger than on the smaller…


finally, changing fonts is not enough. Decorations have to be scaled also and not all application follow the system font…

I will ask on kde forum


followup on kde forum