change the kdm login screen


when I try to change the kdm login screen from the system preferences does not work.

I have tried several themes downloaded from the button “Get new themes” and nothing.


The respective KDM-module in the systemsettings still seems broken, but here’s a workaround:

• Download the theme with a browser (you will find it by name via google, they are collected on

• Unpack the file, you will get a folder with several .png-files, an .xml, .svgs etc.

• As root move this folder to /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/ - these first three steps might be obsolete in case the KDE systemsettings succeeded in downloading your theme, so take a look in this folder first and look for your theme.

• As root open the file /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager with an editor

• Search for a line "DISPLAYMANAGER_KDM_THEME=“Name_of_your_old_theme” (←probably “SUSE”). I will be the very last line.

• Replace the name of your old theme with the exact name of the folder of your new theme and save that file. No need for the full path, just the name of the folder.

That should do the trick.

ok perfect

there is a alternate link to download suse elegant theme for kmd.

From I can not download it.

Thank you.

An alternative to using themes is to use the first three tabs in KDE’s Login Manager. This allows you to change background-image/-colors of the login-screen, the appearance (Oxygen, QtCurve etc) and position of the login-box, the fonts that are used, and so on.

You just need to set the theme in YaST’s ‘/etc/sysconfig Editor’ > ‘Desktop’ > ‘Display Manager’ > ‘DISPLAYMANAGER_KDM_THEME’ to nothing (or use gropiuskalle’s method), and uncheck the option “Use Themed Greeter” on Login Manager’s first tab (‘General’).

Applied Lord Elmsworth’s method to release 12.1 – annoying that one has to go through these contortions again and again. I’m barely sold on KDE4 as it is (much preferred KDE3/Trinity), its aggravating when features that should work (like KDE’s native login screen management) are overriden by default…

Use whatever You like best :slight_smile: AFAIK Trinity is still supported.

Best regards,

I think you can still install kdm 3 I saw it in the openSUSE oss repositories.

This does work; my question is how to apply a dual-monitor login wallpaper i.e. a 3840x1200 resolution png (or svg) file, to the kdm login theme? Has anyone been able to figure out how to do this? Or even apply a different wallpaper on each of the dual-monitors using themed mode?

Any ideas??

Start by passing a simple pre-greeter/login script (and make sure its executable) that runs randr to configure the monitor environment. I just tested it with lightdm and it works (i.e instead of the same login screen appearing on all the monitors, after applying the correct randr attributes, the theme is correctly applied across the monitors and the login box only appears on one monitor (the primary default, or, if applicable, the one which you specifically name as primary).

From there, as for different backgrounds on each monitor, I’m not certain, but I imagine it can be done.

I just tested this out, but it didn’t work. I used montage (part of imagemagick) in concatenate mode to build a large image equivalent to the resolution of the combined monitors, and just listed this giant image in the greeter config file. Unfortunately, what happens is the giant image is “fit to sceen” and this same compressed image is shown on each of the separate monitors.

That’s unfortunate, as this would be a very simple way which, with a little addition to the pre-login script, could have been used to set up random images at login.

Looks like the source would have to modified in order to do something like this. This, again, is with Lightdm, so perhaps it would be already available in one of the other DMs.