change of username and password, entering the IP address

I will get my laptop with openSUSE Leap 15.2 installed in a few days!
But I understood that they have put :
username = admin and password = root - I simply forgot to species this!
And I wrote these questions and sent them to a friend to enter in my profile and publish them here, because all I have now is my ancient smartphone!

  1. What is the procedure change them? And when can I do this: only on the first log-in or also after that?
  2. How can I fill-in the IP address and all the relevant data if it turns out that I need to?
  3. What commands should I use in both cases?
    Thank you in advance for your answers!

This is unclear. So I am guessing.

I am guessing that you asked somebody to setup the computer for you, and they used “admin/root”. And I am guessing that the root password is either “root” or “admin”. You will need to know that, so try them out when you get to that point.

If the name “admin” doesn’t bother you, then the simplest solution is for you login as “admin” and simply create a new user account with the name and password that you want. That will ask for the root password. Or you can start up Yast, and create the new account with Yast “User and group administration”. You can also change passwords in Yast (click the “Edit” button for a user).

You should also change the root password to something more secure. Open up a Terminal - super user mode from the menu. And in that root terminal session, use the command “passwd” at the command line to change the root password. Make sure you remember what you change it to.