Change mouse button sensitivity?

Within the past few months, I’ve started having a problem with overly-sensitive mouse buttons. Frequently, a click of the left mouse button seems to either turn into a double click, or it also causes a simultaneous right button click.
This happens with several different ‘mice’, including a Lenovo optical mouse and a Logitech trackball, so probably not an actual hardware fault.

I’m not exacty sure when I first noticed the problem. It seems to have gotten worse over time, and is markedly worse with the mouse than with the trackball. As best I can recall, it was about the time that I 1) upgraded to 13.1; and 2) had an accident that might have effected my manual dexterity (though I haven’t noticed any decrease while doing other activities).

Is there any way to change the sensitivity or click interval of the buttons, without going through a Gnome or KDE utility? (I don’t use either environment.)

I believe, I could be wrong, that the double-click interval is controlled by the desktop environment. I have both KDE and Gnome installed. I have the interval set differently in each environment. I used each desktop’s tool to set them.

You didn’t specify which DM you’re using. If one of the lightweight ones, is it possible that in the interest of maintaining simplicity, the overhead of managing this setting has been ignored? Can you not find a setting in your DM of choice to control this?


I don’t use a desktop environment: I use the FVWM2 window manager instead. If it was just the double click, I could see it being controlled by a DE, but just as often I get the false right button press in addition to a left button press. (I should perhaps also add that I NEVER do anything that involves an intentional double click, as I discovered long ago that I just physically can’t do it reliably.)

My impression (I’m not an expert, else I wouldn’t be begging for help :-)) is that the various DE’s just pass their settings down to the underlying X, so there should be some generic app to do the same thing, the way there is for setting mouse motion parameters. But multiple attempts at finding something with Google haven’t produced results.

The last time that I had that problem, I replaced the mouse. That fixed it.

To be fair, the mouse was several years old when it started doing this. So I think it was a defect due to mouse age (perhaps switch contact erosion).

That was my first thought, but I replaced the mouse with the Logitech trackball, and still have the same problem, though it’s not as frequent as with the mouse. (But still happens often enough to be a real PITA.) So I suspect it’s a consequence of my current limited dexterity, which I can’t really do anything about for at least a few months.

Its not you, as I’ve experienced this too. Only a guess, but I suspect that its due to changes in the X input lib

oops … ended up double posting by mistake


I have the same problem, with the mouse becoming "super sensitive after I upgraded to Opensuse 13.2. Now as I use my laptop for production work I still have 13.1 on the machine. The mouse is perfect in 13.1, but is a PITA in 13.2. I’ve also tested the mouse on another 13.2 machine, same supersensitivity, and on a windows 7 machine,where it was boringly normal.

Only set up the KDE DM, so haven’t tried it with gnome.

In the meantime, I have replaced another mouse. It looks as if the lifetime of a mouse is less than 2 years.

As to Windows - yes, I have less problems there. The click-bounce software seems to do better in Windows.

On 2015-05-24 20:56, nrickert wrote:
> In the meantime, I have replaced another mouse. It looks as if the
> lifetime of a mouse is less than 2 years.

I use trackballs. And the model I use (logitech marble something) lasts

I suppose that not having to move the cable continuously has something
to do with durability. And modern mice do not use a ball and wheels, but
lasers reading the table surface somehow, so dust, fluff and hairs are
no longer an issue. Or not so much as they were about decade ago.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.

(from 13.1 x86_64 “Bottle” (Minas Tirith))

as above , you are not the only one

NOW a old mouse WILL!!! cause this so…
the micro switch is SO cheaply made that is it garbage in most mice


this is not always the case

a single click and HOLD turns into a double click
– normally not much of a issue ,unless you are moving 50+ binary and text files to a new folder
and that "double click means that ALL the selected files try to open up
example :
move 250 images to a new folder and all of them try to open in gimp

this comes and goes

normally i plug in a wired mouse for the day
and the next day the wireless mouse is working fine


weather it is a OS issue or a DE issue ???
– i am using KDE

but rebooting with a different mouse dose seam to solve it for the short term

On 2015-05-26 04:36, JohnVV wrote:

> example :
> move 250 images to a new folder and all of them try to open in gimp


Yes, I can well imagine. Didn’t happen to me, perhaps because I invest
money in good mice.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.

(from 13.1 x86_64 “Bottle” (Minas Tirith))