Chameleon: Plymouth theme for openSUSE

hi guys I’m new here! How can I create a new post like on Linux Mint forum? I have made a new plymouth theme for openSUSE. I named it Chameleon. This is a plymouth theme that cycles many colors at startup and one color at shutdown. (changes colors like a chameleon):):). Get it here](](

Welcome. I think you have done it.

What do you think of my new plymouth theme. It cycles colours like on Windows 8 installer;)

check this video I made guys

What do you think:)

I have no idea about a Windows 8 installer (or any other MS Windows installer). Never use it. I am an openSUSE user.

In any case, in fact I do not look much at the screen when the system boots or shuts down. Why should I? I switch it on and then put a few things in the correct place on my desk, get something to drink, or look to someone passing by out of the window. Booting goes so fast nowadays that it realy is not worth to spend your time on it staring at a boot screen rotfl!. Same at shutdown. I mostly am not even there when it happens, because it switches itself down in a cron run.

So sorry, I hope you like it what ever you have done, but I am not interested.

But the real thing here is that I doubt this thread has anything to do with comment and or suggestions about the forums. It is definitly something about openSUSE. Thus it should be either in Install/Boot/Login, or in General Chitchat or even Soapbox. Please decide and I will move it.

Cheers, but … openSUSE’s mascotte is not a chameleon, it’s a gecko :D.

yes I agree;)

With what? I asked you ro decide where iit should go.

I wll move it to Install/Boot/Login. This is CLOSED for the moment.

Moved from Forums Comments/Suggestions and open again.

I get the idea, and it’s cool. But, too winduist IMHO. I’d rather see some quite dark green brightening up towards the desktop. Plus, most of us don’t use the autologin feature, so to make things complete you’d have to go through kdm and kde-splash for KDE, and the GNOMEequivalents. But, that can be done.
Don’t have the spare time, but I know it can be fun to move on and on until it works. My attempts in the past stopped there, since I lacked the artistic skills.

you clearly don’t live in a place where there are geckos and chameleons, haha rotfl!

First, a work of encouragement. That took some learning and effort to produce. If you like it, and use it, then it was worth it. If someone else likes it and uses it, that’s great!

But then… openSuse is majority KDE. So, keep going!

And… If my computer took long enough to see all those colors, I’d be replacing parts! Anything over 30 seconds from power on to settled screen is too long! :slight_smile:

Glad to see your post though.


No, you’re wrong about that. It is a chameleon.