Cell phone re-format application

Anyone know of one that will format my locked phone back to factory settings? Linux preferable, but will use win7 if necessary.
I don’t know if is android based, or a something else.

it got locked and neither of us remembers the 4 digit unlock code.
it will never be used as a cell phone, I am hoping to get it back to where I can use the MP3 player and the microSD card.

Does it run Leap 15.1? If not suggest to move this to general chat… perhaps you could indicate phone model? Likely hold volume up or volume down and power on should get somewhere…

Yes please, a moderator can move this to to general chat. I didn’t know where it fit.

The model is LG305C, has a touch screen, bought from TracFone in 2015. I somehow locked it and can’t get past the ‘unlock screen. LG made it but no luck getting something from them, and TracFone is a hole in space when it comes to actually getting help.

i have tried the volume down and power and volume up and power. All combinations keep opening to a screen asking for 5he code I can’t remember or option to dial emergency number.

Just hoped someone in here knew of something.

Can’t vouch for the accuracy… but maybe worth a try:


Doh! Wrong URL, sorry… I’ll get my coat…

Move done.

You’re asking for what is known as a “Hard Reset” which will wipe the phone and reload the phone’s Factory image from the ROM and which of course wipes everything in RAM which includes everything that’s writable, which is generally all your applications and User data. Any data stored in your SIM card should remain untouched.

All phones will have some “magic combination” of button presses that will do the hard reset…

For LG phones,


Thank you so much @tsu for the help…


if u want factory reset simply go on setting and choose back up and reset then clickfactory reset button. but it is hard reset. it means your phone files all will be deleted. please do remove sims and SD card back up the data then do factory reset.